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Matías Hernán Lauriti
Current Location:
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am a Senior Full-Stack Web Developer with 10+ years in PHP. My passion for web development began while attending high school at the age of 15, and since then, I have continued to develop my skills and expand my knowledge.

Currently, I specialize in Laravel as my primary framework and use VueJs or ReactJs (NextJs) to create dynamic front-end designs and user experience. In recent years, I have moved away from using Bootstrap and now prefer TailwindCSS.

I am particularly drawn to microservices and internal tools, as they allow me to exercise my creativity and explore new ideas more freely. However, I also appreciate the impact I have on client-facing sites and features, and enjoy working on them as well.

Throughout my career, I have explored and become fluent in other non-exclusive web languages such as C#, and some Python. Recently, I have even ventured into learning Rust, to expand my skillset further.

My passion for web development has been fueled by my drive to continuously learn and grow as an autodidact. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others and providing technical assistance on platforms such as StackOverflow. I understand the importance of collaborating with colleagues and teams to achieve project goals.


Web Developer

PHP 5/7/8 OOP Laravel MySQL


JavaScript VueJS NextJS (ReactJS) TailwindCSS

Amazon Web Services

EC2 RDS ElastiCache SQS Route53 S3


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